Evenlode is a dedicated, independent investment team based in rural Oxfordshire.

We view shares as fractional stakes in real companies, rather than pieces of paper to constantly trade, and we invest for the long-term. We take a similarly long-term approach to developing the Evenlode business. We're committed to building an investment company that will be there for its clients through thick and thin.

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Take a simple idea, and take it seriously

Our approach is straightforward. We look for long-term investments in a small number of high quality businesses. We choose them rationally and get to know them thoroughly. These are solid businesses, providing goods or services that people will always want and need. They may not be glamorous or the flavour of the month, but they will endure and thrive over time.

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Fund Calibre Elite Fund FE Crown 5 star rated Fund Manager of the Year R rated fund – RSMR CityWire

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General News
19 Apr, 2017

'Unbundling' and Trading Costs

At Evenlode, we are committed to delivering high-quality, long-term investment management services to our clients at a cost that is open, clear and competitive. As part of this commitment, with...

By Ben
Hugh Yarrow's Investment Views
27 Mar, 2017

Evenlode Investment View - March 2017


By Hugh
Hugh Yarrow's Investment Views
24 Feb, 2017

Evenlode Investment View - February 2017


By Hugh
17 Jun, 2016

Long Termism

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